Our Learning Environment

Indoor Space

Our indoor space is designed to be free of bad sensory triggers and fluorescent lighting. Calming colors are also used to create a natural environment. Our forest reading corner has plants and small animals.  There is a swing, indoor trampoline and other opportunities for movement. Along with the materials made specifically for your child there is a variety of learning activities. Sensory activities will always be apart of every Movement Method Session and Playgroup. 

Outdoor Learning Space

We believe that learning can happen anywhere! Our outdoor learning space currently has a large trampoline and playset with swings and a slide. A large vegetable garden has been started. Over the summer months children who attend Playdates and Playgroups will be able to help out!  On nice days our Guinea pigs will join us outside.  We prefer to use the outdoor space as much as possible as it is found to lower a child’s stress hormones which will enhance learning.  An outdoor “classroom” will be apart of our outdoor space.  It is essential for learning to be fun!


Sensory Triggers

Before attending a Playdate we need to be aware of any sensory triggers that are stressful to your child.  Every effort will be made to make your child’s Playdate a success! You are the expert on your child so we want to work with you. We value all of your advice and want to make sure your child’s experience here is positive. Decrease in stress equals an increase in Learning!