Movement Method Sessions


 What to expect? 

A One on One Movement Method session is designed for ages 2-7 and incorporates your child’s goals, interests and sensory needs.  During the session, your child’s goals will be taught through activities, games and movement. The goals are set by the parent/caregiver. Materials will be specially made for your child to reflect their interests.  Parents, caregivers and sibling and welcome to be apart of our sessions. 

One on One Movement Method Session. Each session is 1 hour either once or twice a week.  

There are 6 principles of The Movement Method.
Picking your battles. We feel that every child develops at his/her own pace. If a child is not ready for a particular goal we will wait and come back to it at another time. We are not going to force a child into a developmental skill that they are not ready for yet.
Trust the experts. Parents, siblings and caregivers are the experts on their child/sibling. You know your child best!
Follow the Child. It has been found that children learn best and have better long term retention of material when they are intrinsically motivated. That’s why each Movement Method session is customized and tailored to your children’s interest/passions. We want to make learning fun. If we can speak their “language” then they trust us and therefore have a less stressful learning environment. We also set up a “yes” environment for the child. We allow them to choose the activity and then we incorporated learning into every opportunity.
Eye Contact/Attention. Contrary to many other therapies we feel that forcing a child to make eye contact can result in increased stress levels which in return can narrow their focus on learning. We feel that even if a child is not making eye contact they are still listening and learning. It doesn’t mean that this skill will never be taught it just means that we will wait until the child is ready and will not force them into a stressful situation.